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4 Tips for Choosing Colour Coated Steel Coils

Sep. 29, 2021

Choosing the right colour coated steel coil for a building There are several aspects to consider, the steel-plate requirements for a building (roof and siding) can be divided into.


Safety performance (impact resistance, wind pressure resistance, fire resistance).

Habitability (water repellency, thermal and acoustic insulation)

Durability (resistance to contamination) (capacity, weather resistance and appearance retention).

Production processability (economy, ease of processing, ease of maintenance and repair).

Colour Coated Steel Coils

 Colour Coated Steel Coils

What affects the quality of steel coils?

For the end owner of the building, safety and longevity are of paramount importance. For the design team, longevity, load-bearing capacity and appearance are even more important. For processors of formed building walls and roofs, the processing properties (surface hardness, wear resistance, shape and steel strength) of the colour-coated steel coil are the preferred requirements.


Of course, the quality of colour coated steel coils depends largely on the colour coated steel coil manufacturer, but if the processing and installation equipment and methods are not appropriate, this can cause varying degrees of damage to the appearance and service life of the final product.

Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil

 Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil 

Colour coated steel sheet performance indicators include.

Base material: yield strength, tensile strength, elongation

Coating: coating weight, bond strength

Coating: Colour difference, gloss, T-bend, impact resistance, hardness, dust resistance, heat resistance, humidity resistance, etc.

Surface: visible surface defects, etc.

Sheet shape: tolerances, unevenness, etc.

 Colour Coated Steel Coils

  Colour Coated Steel Coils

The advantages of coiled steel

The advantages of coiled steel have been a decisive factor in making it a universal building material in modern construction. best corrosion stability, durability, light weight, ease of use (products of any length) - applications in the pressing of metal products, metal siding, metal tiles, the manufacture of wall and roof sandwiches - panels, gutter systems and profile and graphic elements the manufacture of


Coiled steel with polymer coating is resistant to hot and cold weather, moisture resistant, easy to clean and free from contamination. It is firesteady and ecofriednly. used in the manufacture of housings for domestic appliances. It is suitable for the interior decoration of buildings; the application of coiled steel is used for every possible fencing of court and garden sections.

Hot-Dipped Galvanised Steel Coil

 Hot-Dipped Galvanised Steel Coil

The storage and transport of coiled steel is due to the high level of protection against mechanical damage at the expense of forming the rolls through the panels (inwardly coated with a coloured polymer coating). All manufactured steel is subjected to a passivation process. Transport to the destination is carried out in coiled up condition. The packaging of the rolls facilitates not only storage but also transport and handling.


Depending on the application area, different coating thicknesses, roll widths and lengths, front and reverse coatings exist. The production process is based on rolling, annealing and galvanising of the strip. The study of the coil is a process that takes place before the finished product is received. The method of hot-dip galvanising metal is more open than electroplating, which allows production at a price that can be widely used.


Our company constantly focuses on the development of quality for the consumer, and all that is offered to the consumer is the highest quality construction material. If you want to know more information about the best prepainted galvanized steel coil  wholesale, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  

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