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Things You Want to Know about Steel Coils

Aug. 28, 2021

A steel coil is a finished sheet or strip of steel that has been rolled or coiled so that the width of the sheet is greater than its thickness. Steel coils with certain coatings are weather resistant, moisture resistant and environmentally friendly. Depending on the desired result, steel coils are produced by different processes.


Hot-rolled steel coils are steel sheets that have been rolled at high temperatures, making the steel easier to handle. Due to the quick and easy process, hot rolled steel saves time and is less costly to manufacture.


Cold rolled steel coils have a better finish and are more durable than hot rolled steel. Cold rolling is a process where steel is rolled at room temperature, below its recrystallisation temperature. Although cold rolled steel coils are superior to other coils, they are more difficult to handle due to their higher carbon content.

Galvanised steel coils are made by the hot dipping process, which immerses the metal in zinc to obtain a nice smooth coating. This coating is highly resistant to rust and extends the life of the steel coil.

Cold Rolled Steel Coils

 Cold Rolled Steel Coils

Galvanised steel coils are produced by a hot dipping process, similar to galvanised steel, in which the metal is dipped into a liquid bath of zinc alloy and then heat treated in-line. Galvanised steel is usually thinner and easier to evaluate than other processes.

Printing steel coil is a product based on metal sheet, of which surface is firstly covered with coating and printing ink, and finally covered by the plastic film (PVC, PE). The coated layers of printing steel plate consist of chemical plating--- primer layer, pattern printed layer, and filming cover. The top and back coatings shall be generally weather resistant coatings, and coatings with special functions, such as stain resistant, self-cleaning, high heat resistance, antistatic, sterilization, anti-fingerprint and etc.


Steel coil industry and applications

Steel coil is a versatile product that can be used in the following industries.



Household appliances



and much more!

Talk to an expert today to get a bespoke solution for your application.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil

 Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil

Storage of Steel coil

When working with steel products such as coils and angles, it is important to know how to store unused products safely in your warehouse. By storing it carefully, you can avoid the risk of these items tipping over and hitting people.

When storing steel coils, you can choose to place them on the floor or on support racks. Once you have chosen, you will need to learn about the two most suitable storage systems.


With this system you can stack coils together, place separators in between and stop when they reach a total height of 3.3 metres. Those who choose to place their materials vertically need to remember to firstly stack them from the largest to the smallest diameter. Secondly, when they are stacked together, they should all form a centre line.


Single height

You have chosen to place the coils individually and side by side. This is the lowest risk form of storage. All you need is to place a restraining device on each item to prevent it from rolling.

Printing Steel Coil

 Printing Steel Coil


Some construction companies use horizontal stacking, but it is not usually recommended. It is unwise to use this system as the horizontal position makes it easier for coils to roll and fall than the other two previous methods. If the surface of an item is not painted properly, there is an increased risk of the item leaving the shelf. Secondly, workers such as yourself use incorrect bearing holders to wrap these materials together or place the correct materials inaccurately.


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