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Types of Ceiling Channels Used In False Ceiling

Feb. 16, 2022

As its name speaks out loud, False ceilings are the secondary ceiling designs built just below the actual ceiling design of any office's interior area or space. Moreover, false ceilings play a vital role in making your corporate office area sound-proof, moisture resistant, light efficient, and much more. Besides that, false ceilings are excellent for an aesthetic appeal.


Moreover, there is always a question about the different types of ceiling channels and their uses. And there is usually a confusion on which ceiling channel is suitable for your office space or corporate area.


Let's have a glance at the different types of channels used in false ceilings.

Furing Channel

 Furing Channel

Type of ceiling channels

Indeed, installing false ceilings at your workspace or office area is an effortless and quick process. But knowing about the different techniques and channels used in its installation is much more insightful. Enlisted below are a few essential false ceiling channels:


1. Perimeter Channel

The perimeter channel plays an important role in fixing the false ceiling. Actually, it fixes around the walls and partitions, giving excellent support to all types of drop ceilings. Moreover, its available dimensions in mm includes:


Width : 20 mm

Shorter side : 28 mm

Longer side : 30 mm


2. Intermedial Channel

Vibrant false ceiling design for shop or corporate office allures us all. But having a strong intermediate channel used in its installation is another aspect that one cannot ignore. It is the primary section that supports the ceiling section. The ideal dimension in mm of this channel is:


Width : 15 mm

Shorter side : 45 mm

Longer side : 15 mm

Undeniably, it is one of the most vigilant steps while selecting prime quality false ceiling material.

 Furing Channel

  Furing Channel

3. Ceiling Section

The ceiling section is another major substance from the list of materials used in false ceiling. It is because it’s the main supporting section to fix the plaster board. Enlisted are its dimensions in mm:


Top Width : 80 mm

Flange : 26 mm

Base : 51 mm

Length : 12 Foot


4. Ceiling Angle

The ceiling angles are basically the L-shaped angles that are suspended from the main ceiling through a fastener. Furthermore, it is cut depending on where the person wants to install the false ceiling. Following are their dimensions in mm:


Size : 25mm X 15 mm

Length : 12 Foot

Accessories Used in False Ceiling Framing

Although sections and channels are very necessary for false ceiling construction, the essence of other accessories in false ceiling framing is yet another escapable factor. Please scroll down to know more!


1. Connecting Clip

Another step in false ceiling installation technique is to connect the ceiling section or the U-section to the intermediate channel. Its dimension in mm is 2.64 Ø. So, to form a perfect false ceiling grid, a connect clip is extremely useful.


2. RawlPlug

Often known as an expandable fastener, a rawlplug is used to hold the ceilings flawlessly. Its suitable dimension in mm is 8 x 45. Undeniably, this screw-like material is very important in any type of false ceiling for office cabin, shop, or more.


3. Soffit Cleat

The major use of a soffit cleat is to hold the level chip or ceiling angle framework suspensions from the main structural soffit. Its ideal size in mm include: 27 mm x 37 mm.


4. Drywall Screw

These drywall screws are basically used for fixing plasterboard to metal framework.Additionally, these corrosion-resistant screws come with screw driver bits. Here is the list of their available dimensions in mm:


3.5 x 25

3.5 x 35

3.5 x 50

4. Shadowline Stopping Bead

A suitable material for quick false ceiling installation, shadowline stopping bead is much required for door jambs, windows, perimeters, and more. Its prime use is to minimize the appearance of non-aligned ceilings and walls.


Final Thoughts:


No matter what type of wall ceiling you are thinking for your work area or commercial space, its foundation material should be perfect. And for this you must go for branded products only.


So, if you are looking for a vibrant false ceiling design for office then always remember to get the best quality material for it. You can always get standard quality false ceiling materials at Ever Shine Building Materials for sure!

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