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What Is A Grid Ceiling?

Dec. 21, 2021

You've probably seen hundreds of grid ceilings but don't know what they are or how a grid ceiling might be just the solution you're looking for. What is a grid ceiling? How can you solve your home improvement dilemma?


What is a grid ceiling?

Grid ceilings are known by many other names, including

Suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings

False ceilings

T-shaped ceilings

and many more

Flat System Ceiling Grid

 Flat System Ceiling Grid

All the different names describe important aspects of grid ceilings. A grid ceiling is suspended (or dropped) from an existing ceiling or support system. A grid ceiling is a false ceiling because it is not part of a permanent supporting structure, such as floor joists or a concrete floor/ceiling. Grid ceilings are sometimes referred to as T-ceilings because the 'T-bars' form the grid that holds the ceiling in place.


What is often considered a modern innovation, grid ceilings have actually been used for centuries. They existed in traditional Japanese homes and were used in the late 16th century in London's Blackfriars Theatre to improve the acoustics of the theatre.


Over the decades, grid ceilings have been used extensively in high-rise buildings and other commercial buildings. Originally they were used to conceal pipes, wires and ducts which had to be attached to the ceiling. Due to their excellent acoustic properties they are also used in multi-storey office and apartment buildings.


Why should you install grid ceilings in your home?

The standard grid ceilings you see in thousands of offices are practical, but not very attractive. The T-rods that make up the grid are unpainted aluminium and the panels are white. Most of us would not be inspired to install one of these in our homes. However, grid ceilings are becoming a trend in home interior design. Why? Because there are now so many stylish options available.

Ceiling T-grid is a very popular product, which is widely used in shopping mall, office building, hotel, restaurant, bank, hospital, airport terminal, factory, and all kinds of public places.

Flat System Ceiling Grid

 Flat System Ceiling Grid

Some of your options include.

A range of panel materials, including leather look, metal and wood finishes

Coloured T-bars or hidden grids using interlocking panels

A wider range of grid patterns

You can use the grid system to cover the entire ceiling or create a suspended ceiling in just one area to create a visually more interesting ceiling and highlight areas such as the dining room. If you can't find a standard grid system to suit your interior, you can have one customised for you.


Grid ceilings are ideal for installation in any room with a ceiling height of more than 2.4 metres. A grid system may be ideal in the following situations.

you are turning your loft into a living space

you want to install downlights

you want to improve the energy efficiency of your house

You need better sound insulation

You want to add a dramatic touch to your interior design


Different ceiling installers offer different styles of grid ceilings, so get several quotes from and compare their products. You can choose to install the ceiling yourself and your supplier can give you full instructions, but will get a quote for installation and supply. Professionally installed grid ceilings can be surprisingly affordable and the results will be guaranteed.

If you want to get more information about the ceiling grid, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  

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