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Chipboard Screw

The chipboard screw is an important screw type with huge sales volume, which is similar to drywall screw.

Product Description

1. Introduction

The chipboard screw is an important screw type with huge sales volume, which is similar to drywall screw. The product is processed by heat treatment technology, its surface is galvanized with good anti-corrosion performance. It can be installed with power tools.

The design of our company's chipboard screw has been optimized to pursue higher penetration speed so that solve the problem of easy cracking when it is used on hard materials.

2. Application

It is mainly used for fastening and connection of wood boards, wood board and thin steel sheet, especially widely used in furniture manufacturing industry.

3. Specification

MaterialC1022, 1022A
Diameter4.0MM, 5.0MM
FinishWhite-blue zinc plated, Yellow zinc plated
Thread typeSingle thread
Drive Philips, Pozi, Square, Torx
Head typeDouble countersunk head
PointSharp point
Packing1000pcs/800pcs/500pcs per box, or 1kg/25kg per bag
MOQTwo tons for each size
Delivery timeNormally in15-30 days

4. Production process

Chipboard ScrewChipboard ScrewChipboard Screw
1. Raw material2. Cold upsetting3. Rolling thread
Chipboard ScrewChipboard ScrewChipboard Screw
4. Hot treatment5. Galvanize/Parkerising6. Packing

5. Quality control

A) Purchase 1022A materials from famous brand factories in China to ensure the quality.

B) Follow up the production of every procedure, strictly follow the ISO9001 standard.

Chipboard ScrewChipboard ScrewChipboard Screw

C) Weigh test

D) Check size

D) Check size

Chipboard ScrewChipboard Screw

E) Attack speed test

F)72-hours salt pray test

6. Packing & Shipment

High-grade package:

A) 1kg/small bag, or 25kgs/woven bag, then bags or cartons loaded on pallet;

B) 1000pcs /800pcs/500pcs per small box, then small boxes into cartons;

C) Package can be customized as per client's requirement.

Chipboard ScrewChipboard Screw

Chipboard Screw

Chipboard ScrewChipboard Screw

Shipping: By LCL or FCL Sea Shipment;

Chipboard ScrewChipboard Screw
Chipboard ScrewChipboard Screw
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