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  • Printing Steel Coil
  • Printing Steel Coil
  • Printing Steel Coil

Printing Steel Coil

Printing steel coil is a product based on metal sheet, of which surface is firstly covered with coating and printing ink, and finally covered by the plastic film (PVC, PE).

Product Description


Printing steel coil is a product based on metal sheet, of which surface is firstly covered with coating and printing ink, and finally covered by the plastic film (PVC, PE). The coated layers of printing steel plate consist of chemical plating--- primer layer, pattern printed layer, and filming cover. The top and back coatings shall be generally weather resistant coatings, and coatings with special functions, such as stain resistant, self-cleaning, high heat resistance, antistatic, sterilization, anti-fingerprint and etc.

Production Process: Decoil → Chromate coating → Primer coating → Drying → Top coat → Drying → Ink printing → Clean coating → Drying → protective film → Reeling


ConstructionInternal and external wall, roofing, partition, ceiling, booth, air duct, etc
FurnitureWardrobe, table, chair, locker shelves, cabinets, etc.
DoorShutter door, security door, garage door, door frame, window frame and so on.
TransportationCar decoration board, train partition and decoration board,shipping compartment,and decorative panel.
Household AppliancesRefrigerator, freezer, washing machine, air conditioner, electric fan, lamp, solar water heater, electric water heater, ect.


Printing Steel
Base meterialPPGI AND PPGL
GradeSGCC, DX51D, ASTMA653, EN10142, S350GD
Zinc coating20-200g/㎡
Coil weight3mt-6mt
Printing Steel
Pencil hardness≥2H
Salt Spray≥720HR
Acid stabilityDip in 5%HCI liquor for 300hr, no bubble,no color change and no peel-off.
Alkali resistanceDip in 5%NaOH liquor for 300hr, no bubble, no color change and no peel –off.

Product Feature:

We have three major series of printing coils to meet your special requirement.

1. Wooden Pattern

2. Brick pattern

3. Flower pattern

Quality Control

1. Production scheduling:

All quality details required by customers, such as (RAL)color, glossiness, paint film thickness, weight per meter, width, roll length, roll weight, package as well as tolerance and delivery time, should be clearly recorded in the production sheet.

2. Following up manufacturing:

According to the requirements of the production schedule and the workshop operation standards, the production will be completed step by step to ensure that the quantity, quality, packing and delivery time are in conformity with the requirements of the buyers and relevant international standards.

3. Quality Inspection:

All goods will be inspected after finishing manufacture, a series of tests will be carried out, such as pencil hardness test, scribing hardness (also known as scratch hardness test), cut test, coating thickness measure, glossiness measure, impact test, moisture resistance test, MEK test, and visible spectrophotometer test. Survey report will be issued and presented to clients.

We ensure that all products conform to the requirements of the order and relevant international standards.

Packing and Shipment:

The packing of coils consists of anti-damp paper, PVC film, cardboard, the cargoes will be strapped with steel strips, fixed with locks and edge protectors and guarantees the optimal condition of the delivered goods. Each coil can be fixed with additional wooden/steel skids wedge (horizon placement ) or wooden pallets(vertical placement).

Printing Steel Coil

We select the shipping companies strictly according to the different requirements and business traditions of different countries and regions, we have our own logistics team, loading and reinforce team, we can guarantee the cargoes will be delivered in superior conditions. With the reputation and the efficient after-sales service system, our company has built the long relationship with many of clients and won the trust of them.

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